- The Jolly Beggars -

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In composing “The Jolly Beggars,” Robert De Cormier began with the traditional Scottish folk tunes specified by poet Robert Burns himself.   The selection below is #4 “A Highland Lad My Love Was Born. ”     

#1    Old Soldier's Song (“I am the Son of Mars”) - tune:  Soldier's Joy (McGlashan's Scots Measures, 1781, p. 32).

#2    The Soldier's Doxy (“I Once was a Maid”) - tune:  Sodger Laddie (Orpheus Caledonius, 1733, #27).

#3  The Fool (“Sir Wisdom’s a Fool”) - tune:  Auld Sir Symon (Pills to Purge Melancholy, 1719, iii. p.143).

#4  Highland Widow's Song (“A Highland Lad My Love Was Born”) - tune:  O, an ye were dead, and Guidman (Cal. Pocket Companion, 1752, iv. p.24).

#5      Fiddler's Song (“Wistle Owre the Lave O’T”) - tune:  Whistle Owre the Lave O't (Bremner's Scots Reels, 1759, p. 56).

#6      Tinker's Song (“My Bonnie Lass I Work in Brass”) - tune:  Clout the Caudron (Scots Musical Museum, 1787, #23).

#7    Dainty Davie - tune:  Dainty Davie (McGibbons Scots Tunes, 1746, p. 32).

#8    Poet's Song (“I am a Bard of No Regard”) - tune:  For a' that an' a' that (Bremner's Scots Reels, 1759, p. 52).

#9    A Fig For Those By Laws Protected - tune:  Jolly Mortals, Fill Your Glasses (Ritson's English Songs, 1783).

“The Jolly Beggars” is scored for SATB Chorus, SATB Solo Quartet, SATB Solos and Chamber Orchestra (Flute/Piccolo, Oboe/English Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon, Percussion [Snare, Field and Bass Drums, Tambourine Slapstick, Orchestra Bells, Celeste, Finger Cymbals, Timpani, Wood Bloock Cabassa], Violin, Viola, Cello).

Duration:  approximately 37 minutes


To listen to "A Highland Lad my Love was Born," a selection from "The Jolly Beggars," (duration: 3:34).  This selection is used with permission of the copyright holder.

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