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April - May 2008

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March 2008

Beautiful Singing Indeed!
Richard Conrad explains bel canto basics
Pure Song
Looking at the music of Stephen Foster with new eyes
The Center of It All
Body movement analyzed from one, pivotal point
Song excerpts, illustrations

February 2008

Steroids – the “S” Word
How these performance enhancing drugs can affect the singer for good or ill
Recognition and Response
How to recognize common vocal problems, what causes them, how to know if they are serious, and how they should be treated
Vocal Technique
A visual guide to the basics of singing

January 2008

Where Music and Life Were One
“The Emperor of Atlantis” - a short opera that pierced the heart of darkness 
Why We Hear What We Hear
Acoustic principals for singers
A Noise Primer
Singer’s guide to hearing and the need for protection
Ancient Lyrics for Today
A new translation of the “Psalms,”
Diagram of the human ear, Acoustics from the perspectives of both listener and performer, Resources

November - December 2007

Feliz Navidad
Tracing Spanish Christmas music from the Old World to the New
Diagram of a Song
 Pronunciation guide for a Spanish carol
Language of Our Craft
Terminology Review
Lift, Trumpet and Un-hinge
A mantra to help remember key elements of technique
Facing Our Fears
Learning about nodules from a case study
Traditional Spanish Carols, A Spanish Villancico, Chart of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

October 2007

The Verdi “Requiem” as a social phenomenon: Sacred and Secular
Three tenors talk about the range, styles, history and special requirements of the tenor voice: The Stuff of Magic
Word derivation and historical context can explain a lot:  The Tenor Track
Part I of a conversation about the complex notion of copyright: Whose Right?

Tenor Types, Sensitivity Training

September 2007

Warming up the American Boychoir Way : A Nutcracker Suite
What Happens When you Warm Up:  On Your Mark, Get Set
Posture and Balance:  Walking the Tightrope
Balance in Music:  A Few Notes About Harmony

April - May 2007

Opera singer Deborah Voigt reminds us about the breath/body connection: Lessons Re-learned

Kevin Siegfried:
“At the Water’s Edge” 
A popular contemporary composer talks about his work and his choral roots: Music from Our Midst

Egg-ceptional way to think about increasing resonance space: 
The Incredible, Edible Practice Idea

A sound approach to vocal health from an actual case study: A Matter of Time

Terminology review:
Talking About What We Do


South Indian music, meter illustrations, recording preview

March 2007

Robert De Cormier talks about his work: Of, By and For the People

De Cormier’s “The Jolly Beggars”:
A Scottish Cantata

How dialog and technique work together:
The Beggars Sing

Words that defy poor diction: 
Sounds of the Lalland

Memorization techniques: 
Drill Ye Tarriers, Drill

February 2007

Gilbert and Sullivan:  Three Little Maids in School

A simple way to approach beginning ear training: Intervals 101

What activates the complex vocal mechanism:  
Laryngeal Nerves

How to analyze those tempting brochures: 
A Ticket to Better Singing


Imperfect pitch?

January 2007

The Science and Art of Singing:  Preaching What We Practice

Compositional Awareness: 
No Singer is an Island

The Cost of Sleep Deprivation: 
Knitting the Raveled Sleeve

The Right Summer Program: 
Fly Away Home


Free Mozart!

November - December 2006

Vaughan Williams’ “Hodie”:  Welcoming a New Age

The Cantata: 
A Rich Vocal Stew

Musical Terminology
:  Talking About Cantatas

Vocal Physiology, Part II
:  Laryngeal Musculature

Singing Softly: 
Messing Around With Voice

An Introduction to Alexander Technique: 
A Boon to Modern Singers


A Way Out of the Habit Trap

Advocacy for Change


October 2006

Mozart’s “Mass in C Major”:  A Crowning Work for All

Compact Guide to the Choral Mass:  
A Form Belonging to the Ages

Score Quiz: 
A Lot from a Little


The Köchel Listing

Music illustrations

A lesson on fitting in

September 2006

The World’s Composer:  Annus Amadeus

Releasing the Voice: If You Love Something, Set it Free

Vocal Physiology, Part I:
Laryngeal Anatomy

The Transverse Abdominis: 
The Most Important Muscle You’ve Never Heard Of

May 2006

The marathon training analogy: Running the Concert Race

Factors that can affect choral intonation:
Name that Tune

The importance of vocal therapy to surgical success:
A Team Approach

Lessons from a director search, Part II:
Learning from a Crisis


What constitutes pitch

April 2006

A conversation with Maureen McGovern:  Lessons from a Great American Voice

How medications can interfere with vocal production:  
Too Much of a Good Thing

Two interpretations of a beloved hymn:  
Truth and Beauty

Lessons from a director search, Part I:  
Living Together in Crisis


Vocal side effects of common prescription medications

March 2006

Safe performance guidelines from vocal therapist Mary Klimek:  Belting - No Business Like It!

Terms every theatre performer needs to know: 
For Fear of Being Upstaged

Factors that affect a show’s longevity: 
Production Values


How to tell if you’re pushing your voice

February 2006

Tips from Elena Doria - a tough teacher:  Rehearsing, Met-Style

What happens to our vocal cords with years and use:  Nature versus Nurture

Musical and medical vocabulary you need to know:  Talk of the Trade

January 2006

Baritone Robert Honeysucker talks about pacing:  Words from the Wise

Critical tips about phrasing:  Should’st Thou, Walking in Grief

How vocal damage can impact range:  Smoking and Other Chronic Conditions


A unique way to exercise

December 2005

Sweden Celebrates Mid-Winter:  Musik för Jul

Recognizing the Nordic Sound:  
Fiddle dee dee Dum

Effective Delivery in Nordic Folk Music:  
Trippingly off the Tongue

Swedish Vowels for Beginners: 
Kom dansa med mej!


The ubiquitous “Sh” sound in Swedish, “Nu är det jul igen” - a Christmas dance song

November 2005

A Conversation with Denni Sayers:  Releasing the Spirit Within

Range Limitations: You Take the High Note

The English Choir Model in America:  The Evolution of Englishness, Part II

Rehearsing with the Boys of St. Thomas: 
How to Sing Like an Angel


Physical Awareness and Mental Focus, Contributing Responsibly

October 2005

The Relation of Voice Production to Pitch: A Sinking Feeling

Exercises to enhance breath connection: Go Ahead and Sing!

Changing Trends in the English Choir Sound:  The Evolution of Englishness 

Vocal Fold Hemorrhage:  To Bleed, or Not to Bleed

September 2005

An Introduction to Speech Style Singing: Oh To Be a Broadway Baby!

Golfers show singers a thing or two about shaping up: Exercise in Swing Time

How to guarantee a successful tour experience: I Love to Go a Wandering

Vocal terminology for speech-style singing:  Pick a Little, Talk a Little

Choral Warm-up Resources
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