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May 2005

Fanny Hensel and her “Gartenlieder”: The Other Mendelssohn

Enjoying German: Stille Nacht, Phantastiche Nacht!

Mechanisms of vocal nerve injury and methods of repair:  A Case of Nerves, Part II

Freeing Up for Better Diction:  Tongue Un-twisters


Program Music, The Vocabulary of Romance, Terminology Review,  Resources

April 2005

The Van Ness “Requiem”: Building a Choral Work

A Conversation with Patricia Van Ness:  The Making of a Composer

Exercising on the Go:  Private Warm-up

Vocal Fold Paralysis and Paresis, Part I: A Case of Nerves

Problem Solving, Part II: Civil Action


Chant Based Polyphony, Understanding Your Neighbor 

March 2005

Samuel Barber’s “Reincarnations”:  Takes One to Know One

Exercises that make it easier to sing sustained notes:  Ohhhhhhhh-k-la-homa!

When personal issues come to choir:  The Direct Approach

How to find qualified voice care:  Mind How You Go

One man’s take on Wellness: 22 Laws  


The Music of Language

February 2005

Gunther Schuller on Innovation and the Musical Spectrum

More yoga-inspired exercises: Focus on the Stomach and Breath

Technical help from an unexpected source: Sing Along with Kitty

A preventable condition caused by HPV: Benign, But Not Harmless


“les Six” and creativity in the “Roaring Twenties,” and a list of the Major Modes

January 2005

The structured voice evaluation: Tell Me Where It Hurts

Creative influences on composer Noam Elkies: Playing by the Numbers 

Facial exercises for better language skill:  Banding Together

Understanding the third line of defense:  Medications for LPR


The text of the Twenty-third Psalm, a look at how composers amuse themselves, and treatment for

December 2004

Old French carols in Charpentier’s “Messe de Minuit”: Noëls Anciens

Learn about early music performance from singer Anne Azéma: Making Her Own Way

The evolution of French vowel sounds: [a] is Forever

How to sing ornaments more easily:  So Many Notes, So Little Time

Desirable physical qualities: S'more on Support


A list of French carols and guidance for singing in French

November 2004

A conversation about inspiration and Gospel music: Denyce Graves

Positioning the soft palate for greater resonance:  Open Wide and Say "Ah"

How to lessen the effects of LPR: Damage Control

Auditioning tips from Jeffrey Brody:  Dos and Don'ts from the Piano Bench

Terminology review:  Words to Live By


Behavior modifications for better health

October 2004

A conversation with Revels founder John Langstaff:  The Gift of Simplicity

How arrangers achieve an authentic folk sound:  A la Mode

Distinguishing between two types of reflux:  Alphabet Soup

What vocal training will and won’t do:  What is your real voice?


Vocal Health Terminology and commentary on folk as a living tradition

September 2004

How vocal difficulties can interfere with tempo:  Tempus Fugit

A look at voice physiology:  Pieces of the Puzzle

Lessons for singers from swimmers:  Float Like a Butterfly

The metronome de-mystified: A View of Time Passing

How the numbers relate to the terms:  Reading, Singing and ‘rithmetic

The development of tempo markings:  High Marks for Performance

May 2004

Cutting through psychological interference:  Matter Over Mind

A surefire exercise for range extension:  Two Scoops or One?

Are you overworking your voice:  Jaguar or Jalopy?

A rationale for transposition: It’s the Color 

Artistic influences on composers:  Painting With Music

April 2004

Three steps to generating a bigger sound: A Russian Triptych

A mezzo shares secrets for success:  More Golden Rules

The best approach to organizational change:  We’ve Got a Plan!

A transliteration demo:  Getting There From Here

March 2004

Brahms Requiem:  A New Approach to Grieving

Special two-page guide to German vowels

Breathing Exercises from Yoga:  Not Quite the Lotus Position

Treating upper respiratory infections:  A Perennial Problem

February 2004

Considering Voice Classification:  Too Much, Too Soon?

Exploring a Unique Way of Singing: The Shape [Notes] of Things Past

A Glimpse at Appalachian Speech:  More Than Twicet Blessed

Nodes:  A Singer’s Nightmare

Theory Corner

January 2004

Performance Anxiety: Putting Things in Perspective

Prolonging Your Vocal Life:  The Perils of Spending Down

Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy”: Triumph in Troubled Times

A Seasonal Approach to Strength Training:  From Slope to Stage

Toward Cleaner Air: Use Your Olfactory Sense

Tips on Marking Your Music 

Terminology Review 

December 2003

Celebrating the Past:  Wolcum Yole!

Medieval English:  Fair to Middling

The SAD Dilemma:  To Drive the Dark Away

Positioning the Body:  Mirror, Mirror, Part III

Appropriate Vibrato:  Giving Out Good Vibrations

November 2003

An Interview with Dawn Upshaw:  Re-Drawing the Boundaries

Facing the Issues:  Mirror, Mirror, Part II

Leonard Bernstein:  20
th Century Unlimited

What’s True About Throat Care:  Gospel or Urban Legend?

October 2003

Choral Etiquette:  Working with Guest Artists

Heinrich Schutz:  Marriage of Words and Music

Getting in Position:  Mirror, Mirror, Part I

Opening Up the Chest:  From the Inside Out

Making Sense of Tuning: When It’s OK to be Temperamental

September 2003

Vocal Technique:  How to Get Your Groove Back

Physical Singer:  Not for Girls Only

A Window on Jewish Music:  More than Lighting Candles

Language:  Jumping into Hebrew

Tonsil and Adenoid Problems:  Reassurance About Surgery

An Interview with Nina Hinson:  Run with What You Have

May 2003

Repertoire:  Madrigals Springing

An Interview with Willow Johnson:  Golden Rules for the Singer

Esophageal Reflux, Part II:  The Case for Stronger Measures

Feeling the Well-Placed Tone:  The Not-Bermuda Triangle

Open face, Open Throat:  The Flowers that Bloom

April 2003

Repertoire:  An Interview with Daniel Pinkham

Esophageal Reflux, Part I:  Holding Back Disaster

Focused Warm-ups:  More than Just Hitting those ‘A’s

Bringing Order to Your Music:  Walking Filing Cabinet

Language: Looks Like Greek to Me!

Releasing Tension:  Learning to Let Go

November 2003

Choral Etiquette:  Putting it All Out There

Language:  The ‘I’s Have It

Healing With Music:  One Chosen, Many Called

More than Just Back Rubs: Using Biofeedback to Relax

Pre-Season Training:  Avoiding Vocal Strain

Learning to Articulate:  Marbles in Your Mouth

March 2003

Repertoire:  The Passions of Bach

Keeping Your Own Time:  What Can You Count On?

Focus and Articulation:  Sucking on a Lemon

Work those Abs!  Strengthening the Stomach Muscles

Sinus Infection:  Worse and Worse

February 2003

A Contemporary Interpretation:  The Gospel Truth

Fighting Winter’s Colds:  Don’t Join ‘Em, Beat ‘Em

Posture and Flexibility:  Hanging Loose While Standing Tall 

An Interview with Stephen Marc Beaudoin:  Thinking Like a Soloist 

Anatomy of a Smile:  Laughing on the … Inside 

Language:  Comfortable with the Colloquial 

January 2003

The Physical Singer:  Getting Enough Air

Choral Etiquette:  Mi, a Name I Call Myself

Channeling the Sound:  The Eyes Have It

Adequate Hydration:  Braving the Great Indoors

Randall Thompson:  American Language, American Music

December 2002

Repertoire:  A Work for All Seasons

Language:  With an English Accent

Holiday Singing:  Easy on the Ho Ho Ho!

Approach to Sight Singing:  Getting the Basics

Florid Passages:  No Laughing Matter

A Firm Foundation:  Like a Rock

October 2002

Repertoire:  Fauré Requiem

Accidentals:  Stealth Warm-ups

Diphthongs: Intonation at Peril

Body Breathing:  The Hollow Men, the [Un] stuffed Men

Rehearsing on Vowels:  Scoobee Doobee Doo

Vocal Health:  Seasonal Sneezing

Choral Etiquette:  Self-Study – Rhythm

Q. & A.  Readers Sing Out

September 2002

Premier Issue:  Share the Adventure!

Positioning the Body:  Olympic Gold … Singing?

Protecting Your Teeth:  Becoming a Grind?

Forming Letter Sounds:  What Language is This?

Basic Latin Vowels:  Ain’t No “Lay” in Alleluja!

Choral Etiquette:  Contributing Responsibly

Q & A:  Readers Sing Out!

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